2nd Australian Womens' Hospital Yeronga 16 Feb 1945 (AWM)
Yeronga, Brisbane, Qld. 16 February 1945. The trellis and the improved garden area alongside Wards 5 and 6, at the 2nd Australian Women's Hospital. (AWM)
16 Feb 1945. Lawns and shrubs between the nurses' quarters and Ward 3
The Book cover of No man's land : a history of the 2nd Australian Women's Hospital / Lesley M. Williams

Brief History of 2 AWH

In 1944 2nd Australian Womens' Hospital, was moved from Redbank to Rhyndarra, Yeronga.

2 AWH existed from 4 Mar 1943 to  23 Oct 1946 until it was renamed 1 Camp Hospital.

2AWH - A more in depth History:

In 1942 Rhyndarra was occupied by the Australian Army for training purposes for the Australian Women's Army Service. At first,  it was actually used as a place to treat Military Services women who had contracted sexually transmitted illnesses. This is a little known and long hidden fact. Then gradually it evolved for other uses as well, for training and the treatment of all Military personnel, women and men alike.

In 1944 the 2nd AWH which was previously situated at Redbank, in association with the 2/4 Australian General Hospital (AGH), was moved from Redbank to Rhyndarra at Yeronga. 

No record was found in the Unit Routine Orders of  the 2nd AWH having an RSM. This appears to be confirmed by the book “No Man’s Land (A history of the 2nd Woman’s Hospital)” by Lesley M. Williams.

The book (No Man’s Land) also indicates that MAJ Alan Mostyn Bradford Grant and LTCOL John Lloyd also Administered Command of the 2nd Australian Woman’s Hospital. Records held indicate that MAJ Grant was posted to the unit 12 May 1944 to 12 May 1945 as a Surgeon.

The Unit back then had a Colour Patch of  three horizontal stripes – chocolate, light brown, chocolate – on a grey background. 

During WWII, Rhyndarra was  used as a staging area for members en route to places further north and west. Soon after, a formal hospital was constructed in the grounds surrounding the house, for Australian servicewomen and for the training of the Australian Army Medical Women's Service (AAMWS) members.

Further Information about 2 AWH

A Book about 2AWH :

No man's land : a history of the 2nd Australian Women's Hospital / Lesley M. Williams

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