Adamson, Helen (Col RAANC) (RIP) Addinall, Mark (RIP) Aisbett, Peter (RIP) Anderson, Rosemary (RIP) Armor, David /'Dave' (RIP) Atkinson, David (RIP) Badcock, nee Laurence, Di (RIP) Bainbridge, Wayne /'Chippy (Past PMC DJ Club) (RIP) Baker, Mark (RIP) Birch, William/Bill, RIP Bond, Gary (RIP) Brock, Peter ('King of the Mountain' and ex Medic!) (RIP) Burford, Stephen (RIP) Burke, Neville (RIP) Bugg, Michael / 'Mick' (RIP) Butterworth, Harry (Past PMC Sgts Mess) (RIP) Callinan, Kathy (RIP) Chopping, John 'Blue' (RIP) Clarke, Drury (RIP) Constable, Colin /'Barney' (RIP) Cotterill, Hank /'Haveachat' (RIP) Crawford, Helen (Col RAANC) (RIP) Crossley, Roy (RIP) Dawson, Kevin / 'Smokey' (RIP) Doig, EN, RRC, FNM (RIP) Drake, Kate (RIP) Dubsky, Steve (SAS RSM) (RIP) Dwyer /Bramwell, Raeleen / 'Rae' (RIP) Edwards, John (Rip) Felsche, Susan (RIP) Gadsden, Peter Michael (RIP) Gibbon, Robert (RIP) Gilchrist, Andrew, RIP Gillespie, Steven (RIP) Ginsberg, Dr Ruth (RIP) Gore, Virginia (RIP) Grindrod, Andrew (RIP) Hartigan, Norm (RIP) Higgins, Jack (RIP) James, William Brian / 'Digger' James, William Brian / 'Digger' -AC, AO (Mil), MBE, MC, OStJ. (OC 8 Fd Amb, DGAHS and Past President RSL National Australia) (RIP) Johnson, Ray 'Jonno' (RIP) Lambie, John (Lt Col MBE) (RIP) Love, William 'Willie' (RIP) Magnusson, Paul, 'P.J.' (RIP) Matheson, Bill (RIP) McCarthy, PM (RIP) McClellan, Michael / 'Mick' / 'Kojak' (RIP) McEwan, John (RIP) McIntyre, David (RIP) McKenzie, Bill (RIP) McMullen, Wallace/ 'Wally' (RIP) McNamara, Marie Roseina LTCOL (SNO -1992) (RIP) McWilliam, David / 'Dave' /'Shakey' (RIP) Mumme, Geoffrey/ 'Geoff' (RIP) Murray, Tom (RIP) Ney, Bernadette (RIP) Niblett, Robert / 'Bobby' (RIP) O'Brien, Graham/ 'Obie' (RIP) Ormond, George (RIP) Parker, Laurie (RIP) Peacock, Yvonne Dawn / 'Gwen' (RIP) Pickering, Dave (RIP) Phillips, Ian (Patient and Friend to 1 Mil, husband to Deanna Romain, Father to Blake & Sam) (RIP) Prentice, Gordon (RIP) Purser, Brian N -ED (CO Nov 1977 - Jan 1976) (RIP) Relph, Richard / 'Dick' (RIP) Reynolds, Peter / 'Beeper' (RIP) Ryan, Dennis (RIP) Sherman, David / 'Dave'/ 'Sherm'/'Choco' (RIP) Sigley, Ernie (Singer/Entertainer and Life Member DJ Club)(RIP) Simons, Ted / 'Simmo' Simkoviac (RIP) Stansfield, Stephen (RIP) Straskye, John (RIP) Sutherland, Will (RIP) Swincer, Ken (RIP) Taylor, Robert /'Bobby' (RIP) Thomas, Paul (RIP) Wade, Ray (RIP) Walsh, Ray - MM (RIP) Watkins, Grant (Ben) (RIP) Williams, Kevin /'Chippy' (RAE) (RIP) Woolmer, Terry (RIP) Young, R /'Bob' (Past PMC Sgts Mess 1Mil Hosp) (RIP)

Memorial Service and Tree Planting October 2015

Memorial Tree on the banks of the Brisbane River at Yeronga, Brisbane , Queensland. This tree was  Planted in October 2015  in honour of all those friends and colleagues who have come and gone . If you ever get the chance, try and visit this spot and remember your friends at Rhyndarra/ 2AWH/1 Camp Hospital/ 1st Military Hospital and those who followed at new establishments in the following years... Lest we Forget...